The Best Foundation 6 WordPress Themes

Ah yes, Foundation 6, we are happy that you have come into our lives. Not only have you made our world of web a more responsive virtual reality, you have also gifted us with some awesome WordPress themes. And because the crew at Foundationize like to share the wealth, here are our favourite four!

The Best Foundation 6 WordPress Themes

Rich Grid

Rich Grid is one of those themes that is an explosion of visual delights. Suitable for websites that wish to showcase a kaleidoscope of colour and appeal to the visual senses, this is not a text heavy theme. Particularly good for illustrating foods and art, this this theme is the creative bloggers dream. Pinterest inspired, it offers a framework to compliment words and wares in equal measures. We recommend the Rich Grid theme for bloggers and business that offer treats to the eyes; this is a true salesman theme!

Rich Modern

This theme is hella sexy! Perfect for fashionistas, stylish folk and those of us that just want to make a statement. Some features of this Foundation 6 suitable theme include mobile compatibility eCommerce functionality. This theme is particularly appealing to those that are highly concerned with their branding. Logo is really important with considerable space dedicated to displaying what you represent. Be bold; choose Rich Modern!

Rich Master

Excuse the pun, but this is definitely the master of all blogging themes. The Rich Master is the must have accompaniment to any professional blog.  This theme provides the perfect balance between images and text boxes, feeding the media hunger that any blog dedicated consumer craves. It is aesthetically balanced, and highly suitable for bloggers that post frequently. Incredibly responsive to mobile, and WooCommerce ready, influencer’s should think about this for their brand marketing.  There are dedicated widget areas ready for advertising placement and it is a very SEO friendly framework.


This baby is a beautiful blank canvas, waiting for your talented hands to craft something magical. This is the ultimate WordPress theme for Foundation 6, as it gives you the developer, full creative control. You can pick your style; Sass or CSS. You can basically get all of the credit for a superb website without having to start fully from scratch. It is the lazy designers dream, and it is just a download away!.

We are really excited about road testing a few of these Foundation 6 babies, and also discovering what else is on offer!

We will keep you posted 🙂