The Best Foundation 6 WordPress Themes

Ah yes, Foundation 6, we are happy that you have come into our lives. Not only have you made our world of web a more responsive virtual reality, you have also gifted us with some awesome WordPress themes. And because the crew at Foundationize like to share the wealth, here are our favourite four! Rich […]

Foundation 6 vs Bootstrap 4

There are many CSS frameworks out there. Out of all the available frameworks, Bootstraps and Foundation are hands down the most popular. Is Foundation better or Bootstrap is a very old debate among front-end developers. Despite serving the same functions, there are different points of strength for each of the frameworks. Twitter’s Bootstrap is currently […]

Confirm With Reveal for Foundation 6

The standard JavaScript confirm (‘Are you sure?’ OK|Cancel) popup box, is pretty ugly (well, if you compare it with Foundation’s reveal modals). Fear not, fellow Foundation 6 lover! A much improved version of asking a user if it’s OK to delete their entire account (with no return!) is at hand, Foundation 6-style. Simply download and […]